Welcome to JB Canines

“A Happy Dog, is a Happy Family” Oliver Bishop, Aged 7

My job as a canine Behaviour Consultant is to help you, to help your dog when they are struggling. I can help with any problems you may be having with your dog, by finding the cause of the problem and devising a plan to help guide you through the solutions.

I can come to your home to assess your dog and your situation, and show you how to help, using force free, science based methods and protocols. My goal is to create a happy home, where you and your dog can live harmoniously together. 

My clients will confirm that the dogs I help all love me, and are very excited to see me. This is clear proof that they like the way I treat and respect them. They are happy to listen to me because they know I will guide them compassionately, and they sense that I can help them.

I am a member of ICAN, International Companion Animal Network which is an organisation for professional bodies and education providers which use and teach only modern, force-free methods. Members have to meet strict criteria, including appropriate qualifications.

Please browse the website to see how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Covering Hertfordshire, Essex and Online.