Your dog may be making your life very complicated right now. They may be isolating you from your family and friends, or stopping you from living the carefree life you planned on having when you got them. Dreams of long walks, strolling round town with your dog trotting along happily next to you, may have faded to be replaced by stressful walks, and not being invited to doggie playdates. 

Perhaps you were going to make new friends while out walking the dog, but now the other dog walkers are taking a wide detour around you. People give you unhelpful looks, or you may even have been shouted at because of your dog’s behaviour. Or your dog may have been perfect, until something changed. And you don’t know what it was…

You may have had a neighbour or friend telling you you’re doing everything wrong. And the info on the internet has sent you round in circles. Misinformation is one of the main causes for leading us down the wrong path with our dogs, and it’s NOT your fault if you’ve mistakenly taken their uneducated advice. 

When I assess your dog I can give you peace of mind, reassurance, and let you know that it’s not necessarily something you’ve done wrong. We can figure out a plan together, that will give you some hope, and make a start on making your lives better. Not just for your dog, but for you too.

I was born for this job. I’ve always loved giving advice and everyone has always shared their problems with me within a few minutes of meeting me. I know how it feels to be embarrassed by a dog that won’t stop barking, at every dog or person that passes them on the street. 

A client said the other day, that she was very pleased to hear that everything I said was very positive. This is my philosophy for how training and behaviour modification should be. We can start positively affecting your dog’s life, and start working on how we can help your dog, so that you can all start enjoying life the way you envisioned it. 

One client recently posted on my group that ‘it’s hard work, and we’ve been through the valley of despair (sometimes still go through it) but Janette has given us so much hope, and our dog has improved so much.’ Clients often send me lovely messages saying ‘I couldn’t have done it without you. I can’t tell you how much you have helped. You have been an amazing support to me!’ 

The truth is, I love this job. And if you’re willing to put in the effort, then so am I.