As part of my expertise, I regularly help with the following behavioural issues.

Loose lead walking

I can guide you through the process of teaching your dog how to walk nicely beside you, so that you can both enjoy your walks.


I can assess your dog and provide you with a plan, so that we can help them manage to cope in different situations.

We may even be able to change their view of the things that they find threatening, so that they can relax and begin to enjoy life again.

Fear or Anxiety

Many behaviours stem from fear or anxiety. We can work with your dog to reduce or eliminate their fears, and so reduce their reactions to them.


Recall is all about you! I can show you how to make your dog always want to come back to you.

No matter what the distraction.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs need help to feel ok, when you have to leave them alone for a while.

This is solved or reduced by teaching them that they can feel safe and relaxed.

Toilet Training

For puppies or adults. Sometimes even grown dogs need help with learning when and where to go!


If your dog behaves in a way that worries you when out walking, they may need help feeling more secure on their walks.

I can assess their behaviour and tell you how we can help them.

Barking at Home

There are many reasons a dog will bark indoors. I can determine why they are doing what they are doing, so that we can show them what we want them to do instead.

Not liking other dogs

Some dogs have never learnt how to act around other dogs, and some have been upset by another dog.

I can help change their feelings towards the dogs that worry them, and teach you how to handle them with gentleness.


If your dog growls when you go near them, when they have something in their possession, they are asking you to stay away.

I can help you work out what to do in these situations.

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs often come with their own suitcase of issues through no fault of their own!

I can work out what is happening and how to help.

Unruly Behaviour

Sometimes a dog doesn’t really understand what is expected of him, so tries any behaviour in an attempt to gain some answers.

We can give him those answers, once we work out what he needs.

Please contact me for further information.