How can I help you?

Barking. Lunging. Growling. Snapping.

These are all ways for your dog to communicate that they are unhappy with something. We work out what they are trying to tell us and use that to work out how we can help them.

Frustrated dogs

Some dogs find life hard. They don’t know what they are supposed to be doing and find it hard to wait for anything. We teach them how to be patient and how to ask for what they need, in the right way.

Fearful dogs

Dogs can be fearful of real things that are dangerous but they can also be fearful of things that aren’t a threat to them. This causes stress and unhappiness, for them and for you. We show them that there is no need to be afraid and give them a new, positive perspective.

Territorial dogs

Dogs that seem territorial when people enter the house are often actually fearful. We can work on this by teaching them that it is ok for people to come in and offering them a safe space in the house to escape to.

Dogs with separation Issues

Dogs are very sociable animals, just like us. Sometimes they haven’t learnt to be alone, sometimes they don’t want to be alone and sometimes they can’t handle watching you leave. We show them that it is ok to be alone, with a variety of techniques that work together to make your dog feel fine.

Toilet Training

For puppies or adults. Sometimes even grown dogs need help with learning when and where to go!

Unsure dogs

If your dog behaves in a way that worries you when out walking, they may need help feeling more secure on their walks.

I can assess their behaviour and tell you how we can help them.

Anxious dogs

Dogs can be anxious of things in their environment and need gentle guidance to build confidence. We look at everything that is bothering them and find a way to help them see that everything is ok.

Socially impaired dogs

Some dogs have never learnt how to act around other dogs. We can help change their feelings towards the dogs that worry them.

Guarding dogs

Dogs will naturally guard things. It’s a survival method. We can teach them that we don’t need to guard, that we can provide for them. Communication between dog and guardian is essential here, to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs often come with their own suitcase of issues, through no fault of their own! If they have come from the streets of another country, they don’t always know how to live in a house with all its strange noises and activity. We can help them feel more comfortable and settled in their new homes.

Unruly Behaviour

Sometimes a dog doesn’t really understand what is expected of him, so tries any behaviour in an attempt to gain some answers.

We can give him those answers, once we work out what he needs.

Please contact me for further information.