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Janette is walking and training with our 7 year old Border Collie. We thought we have an unchangeable dog, forever pulling on the leash and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs. Just a couple of weeks with Janette and she is so much calmer.

She showed us what to do ourselves in order to keep the progress going and Bella loves her.

She speaks “dog” very well and we’re so happy she works with us.


I’ve only recently been in contact with Janette and through our conversations she has set up a really detailed assessment and training plan for my reactive boy Cooper.

I can’t wait to really get going with this plan and working with Janette to help make me and my boys walks a lot more enjoyable!


Janette has been walking my 8 year old dog for over 3 years. I wasn’t aware that she was doing any training with Ellie, but I noticed that Ellie was much more attentive. When I asked Janette about it, she had been training another dog whilst Ellie had been with them and Ellie had picked up on it. I talked about the problem that I have with walking Ellie, as she pulls quite a bit.

Janette said she’ll have a look at her and in a short space of time you could really see the difference. Brilliant work Janette, I really thought she was too old to learn.


Janette understands dogs extremely well and with her calm approach there’s not much she can’t fix 🐾🐾


Our little girl Missy is a rescue from Poland that we hadn’t had much information about prior to her becoming part of our family. All we really knew was that her last owner was a farmer who chained a small 9kg dog outdoor and was very disappointed with her lack of barking so he wanted to get rid of her. It was important for us to find somebody not just to walk the dog but maybe help us a bit with some of the issues we expected to pop up with time.

Janette was up for the challenge and it was very obvious that Missy was onboard straight away as well. It turned out that Missy was very sensitive to certain noises, such as trains, sports cars, motorbikes, scare crown, the list goes on and the walks were getting tricky. Janette has done a brilliant job though, Missy is now paying absolutely no attention to these noises, gained a lot of confidence.

Janette has also been working with us, giving us guidance and advice on what we can do, what sources and exercises to use to help Missy. It still is work in progress but Missy is most definitely on the right route to becoming a happy and careless doggy enjoying lots of cuddles.

Whether you have got a troubled dog or not, I would definitely recommend Janette.


We were floundering and unsure how best to help our reactive rescue dog and turned to Janette for advice. She has a wealth of knowledge and a brilliant way with dogs.

We have regained confidence with our dog and have a great plan in place to practice together. Thank you for all your help 😊

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