My prices can vary depending on the needs of each individual case, but are usually as follows:

Behavioural consultations

Consultations start from £75, and usually take one to two hours.

This includes the following procedures:

  • Full assessment
  • Observations
  • training and behavioural modifications
  • Written treatment plan
  • On-going support

Assessments include talking through the issues, using a questionnaire which I have designed especially for your dog’s issues.

Observations include studying your dog’s behaviour in appropriate settings.

The treatment plan is designed by me, especially for you, to work on your dog’s psychological and behavioural needs.

Treatment can either be carried out by myself in sessions, or I can teach you how.

Follow up sessions:
Sometimes a dog may need extra behavioural sessions, using training and modification methods to help change their mind about certain triggers.

1-2-1 Dog training

For details on my Dog Training pricing please contact me.

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